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Here is a checklist just for you to make sure you are prepared for your family photo session! Scroll down for examples :)


Fruit Snacks & Fall Fashion

One of my favorite family outfit coordinations from the fall. So complimentary to each other :) They also would give their kiddos some fruit snacks while it was someone else turn to get photographed to keep them happy!

Snuggles & Giggles

Another great example of color coordination. Accent color is yellow with gray and white being the neutrals. Lots of tickles and snuggles to capture this moment :)

Turquoise & Tickles

Love that mustard yellow and how it pairs with turquoise, gray, & denim! Tickles and interacting with this big fam helped a ton. It was like 37mph winds and this family smiled and snuggled through the entire session.