Vernon Hills Arbor Theatre

This location has beautiful nature backdrops along with multiple bridges. There is a gazebo in a field, a stone water and flower fountain, a pavilion with lights, and my favorite part - the waterfalls! I love and encourage my clients to get in the water at the end of the sessions if they are comfortable with it, but no pressure! Clients have said it's a hidden gem that they never knew existed.

Mellody Farm

An urban-inspired outdoor shopping mall with tons of wall murals and unique benches. All of the buildings are made out of brick and other unique architectural elements. I love the variety this location offers. All of the photos from my shoots here, come out different than the last gallery!

Lake Michigan (Kenosha, WI or Fort Sheridan) + Travel Fee

TRAVEL FEE REQUIRED. I just recently started shooting more at the beach and I absolutely love it! Walking in the sand, sitting on the rocks, and of course getting in the water :) Perfect for families, couples, seniors. If you want to do a sunrise session just ask. I normally am not a morning person, but am always down if it involves photos at the lake!

Elawa Farm + Travel Fee

TRAVEL FEE REQUIRED. A wonderful location with a row of trees and a brick building allowing for both nature and architecture in one

Independence Grove

Part 1: Visitors Center Entrance - Japanese Garden that has a pavillion, water fountain, stone seating. There is also the lake (depending what time of day and where the sun is at).

Part 2: Left side of the preserve - A large bridge with water underneath and an area to get down under the bridge (kind of like a large creek).

Part 3: Beautiful yellow forest in the fall (example photo).

Lakewood Forest Preserve

Trees and tall grass fields. Beautiful in the summer sun, and fall for colors. Wooden fences. Paths. Trees.

Downtown Libertyville

The downtown feeling in 1 street! Alleyways, brick walls, pillars, shop fronts, and all the natural parts of the town. It's fun exploring and seeing what is new each session to create unique images.

Just Bee You (Indoor Studio) +$45

A beautiful indoor space replicating an in home feeling. Wooden floors with wall paneling. Plenty of space for immediate or extended families. Would recommend during the cold months, especially with little ones!

At Home (Travel fee may be required)

I would bring my studio lights to you. I just request that you have a space large enough for everything and everyone to fit comfortably. If you have questions about this option we can chat further.