13 hours later we were 1st in line!

Ever since I was little we always went to Dairy Dream. I remember seeing the photos of the first customers in the window and the time they arrived. I wanted to be up there one day. I just turned 29 so this was my only year left to do it. I had to be first, so I went dramatic arriving at 9pm and camped out for 13 hours with some amazing friends! We kept having people pull into the lot and drive around. I'm assuming they wanted to be the first customer, or they were just being nosy. One guy said to us "well played" and took a photo and drove away. Another lady said "awww man guess we'll have to try again next year." There was an employee and her husband that came by and took a photo of us. They actually lived super close by so they could see us and said they kept checking to see if we were there all night ha! The Larsons brought some games which were a lot of fun! Sara brought a propane heater which was soooo toasty. We played some games in the tent to pass the time until about 2:30am. I fell asleep for maybe 2 hours and then had to pee, so ran over to the Shell. Then I was up at 4:30am. There is a Shell gas station that is open 24 hours and the guy working there was really nice, allowed us to come use the bathroom whenever or just come warm up. My friend Nikki from Duck Donuts came by to bring me hot chocolate around 6:30am. Lauren and Erik went on a breakfast run for us about 7:30am. The owner Justin came by to bring us hot chocolate from Dunkin which was super kind of him around 8:30am! Once it hit morning it kind of flew by. It was so worth the wait. I am thankful for my friends that stuck it out with me and made the experience so much fun! Make sure next time you’re at Dairy Dream you take a look for our photo!