Segway Tour in Chicago

Wow this was a cool one to check off. I got to do this with 2 of my friends, Nicole and Jaime or jimjam as you might know from my donating blood entry. We got to take a 2 hour Segway tour around Chicago. I got to see so many places that I hadn’t seen in Chicago and all in a shortish amount of time. We saw grant park, buckingham fountain, and this secret nature trail that I was obsessed with and will have to definitely go back and have a photoshoot there. We also went by the museum campus. We even got to crouch down and go through this little tunnel. The segways are weird and you just have to take time to get used to them. I was very cautious and went pretty slow at first. Nicole was our fearless leader and quite speedy. Jimjam was a great follower of Nicole and only almost fell once. I liked when we were in the open and could go around and not have to stay single file. At buckingham fountain the wind would blow the water and we got wet a few times lol. We got to take a lap around it and then headed back. 

By the end of it we had sore feet and legs and were walking kinda weird. But then after some horizontal laying at Nicole’s apartment we were walking a lot more normal and went to get sushi for dinner. I am nervous to see how sore I will be tomorrow. But keep your fingers crossed it won’t be too bad! If you want to go on a Segway tour I would recommend Magic Carpet Glide

Secret Spot

We decided on the secret nature trail route and I am so happy we did. Check out this view! No segways were brought past the bridge for the safety of us, and our bank accounts. Broken segways cost atleast $6,000. Rescuing them from the water is another $1,000+

They see me rollin'

Huh. No one tells you about the next day soreness your legs feel after riding a segway. Your legs and feet are using muscles that are not normally getting used and you wake up like what did I do yesterday?! Oh yeah, rode a segway.

Captain Segway

Our tour guide was fueled by sarcasm & red bull. He had lots of interesting facts about Chicago and the amount of sarcasm was necessary for this group. 10/10 would recommend.