Pizza Pot Pie*

I guess it's a Pot Pie not a Pizza Puff. Whoops. WOW! This was a special one to knock off the list cause it was the first one with my mama! She had the goal of visiting all 50 states and since I was little. That’s been one of my favorite things to tell people. She has completed it with Hawaii being her last state. I am so thankful that I was able to go along on all of the trips since I was born and that everything was always a family trip! She created that goal for travel and I wanted to create one of my own and that’s where the 30 b4 30 idea sprouted. 

Today we conquered the Oven Grinder Pizza Pot Pie! We had our reservation for 12:45pm but with mom's driving and AMAZING parallel parking we got there a half hour early. She snuck into a space on her first try! So proud and impressed! When in a mini van that's not easy.. Even in a small car I would say parallel parking is a chore.. Back to the puff... I mean pie. We got in at about 12:20pm. Our waiter explained the menu and that the pizza pot pie was what they were most known for. The whole reason why I wanted to go was because I saw it on facebook at one point and thought "that looks delicious". So I added it to the list. We ordered 2 pink lemonades with a quarter pounder pot pie and a meat ball oven grinder. Our food was out in about a half hour and the waiter scrapped the pot pie out of the bowl and onto the plate cutting it in half for mom and I to split. It was delicious!! Then we split the meatball loaf and only ate about 2 bites before we were stuffed. We put the rest in a togo container to bring home. Pro tip: Order their frozen pot pies to enjoy another night for dinner at home! It's 100% worth it, just make sure to make a reservation online! Oh! and they only take cash. There is an ATM incase you forget.