I cut down my own frasier fir!

We have always had a fake tree and I cant remember if it was when I was first creating my list that someone else had it written on theirs online, and I was like YES. I want to do that!! So mom and dad once again making my list come true :) We went to Richardsons and they have a tractor that pulls a flatbed and we just sit on the back. The guy driving the tractor asks what are we all looking for? We of course have no idea HA! So we wait for other people to answer and then we heard they're short needled so we said okay! Let's go for that. We spent a while walking around and touching the trees so see if the needles were soft or pokey. We picked one that had soft needles and heard the tractor coming so I immediately started sawing it down. We made it just in time and were the only ones on the way back! They give out free hot chocolate :) It was very yummy. They also have other treats and a little store.