I built myself a hidden jewelry cabinet

My mom had left an adult class booklet out for me to look through with some pages marked. I flipped through and found woodshop! Tuesdays for 3 hours in the evening for 8 weeks. I signed myself up knowing there would be an instructor and all the tools I needed to build this thing. I had pinned this on pinterest years ago and always wanted to make it. I even went to the store with my dad once and put all the items in the cart and then decided it was too expensive and too difficult. So with the pressure of the list I signed up for the class and now know how to use many power tools that I didn't know existed ha! I am very excited that I made this and I also made 2 donut walls!

Cover Art

I wanted to dedicate the cover art to my grams. She always called me her sunshine and I immediately knew I wanted to put something with sunshine on the cover <3

Donut Walls

After learning about all the tools in the previous 7 weeks of making my jewelry cabinet. I made these 2 donut walls, that hold up to 3 dozen donuts each, in just one 3 hour class :)

Earring and Bracelet Rack

I now have a place to put all my earrings and bracelets. The earring rack hinges open so you can access both sides.


The necklaces hang on the door that hinges open.