I want to visit all the national parks.

These two beautiful humans let me third wheel their trip! Katie is temporarily in Flagstaff, so Tyler and I flew out to visit her, adventure, take photos, the usual with this crew! We went to Petrified Forest National Park, Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon (we had the best guide Oscar), and THE GRAND CANYON. Wow I was only there for less than 3 days but we packed the days as full as we could. More details below with photos!

Antelope Canyon

We had the BEST Guide who taught us so much about iPhone photography. I was in shock at how much I didn't know. He goes to me and Katie, "are you guys sisters?" and I said "Yes, uh cousins!" he said go stand there and this was the shot he got!!


Horseshoe Bend

Wow This place is just like the photos. I would like to come back here and see the sunset, I imagine that is so beautiful!


Petrified Forest National Park

A very unique national park that made me think back to the times when dinosaurs were roaming around. I loved seeing the photos of the logs years ago and now and how they haven't moved. Well Preserved NP.

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