Haunted ATV Ride

I got to visit my friends JimJam and Derek in Nevada! We booked a Haunted ATV Tour and it was awesome!! It was just the 3 of us and 2 tour guides. It was in the dark, but the ATVs had headlights so we could see each other and the spooky stuff going on around us. The first person came up next to us on foot and just ran next to me in a scary mask, it scared me! And then they jumped onto the back of Jaime's ATV and just sat there haha. There was a were wolf eating an ATVer. Then when the wolf was chasing me my ATV stalled out so I was just stuck there and then the wolf helped me start it back up. I said thank you to Wolfie and they howled haha. There was one point where we were taking a photo and we were all next to each other, the two guides were in front of us and we heard footsteps behind us then a chainsaw powered up! Super spooky haha, but it was fun! Then there was a boogieman at the end of the tour who we got to take photos with after they scared us! I want to go ATVing again maybe next time on our own without a guide so we can go faster! Thansk JimJam and Derek for being the best hosts!!