Beekeeping and wearing the full suit

Thankful for my friend Sara whose dad had a friend of a friend with bee colonies. Traveled down to Crete, IL to suit up and learn all about Bill's Bees! We went onto Jeff the junk man's property and wow there are loads of stuff I wish I would've gotten a photo. He collects things and makes beautiful giant metal art out of it. There was a couple hundred pound metal phoenix hanging from a tree. It was amazing!

Okay back to the bees. Bill had multiple colonies. He started out with 2 and now is up to 14+. We got to see a queen bee and queen chambers (when the hive is queen less and they turn some larva into queens). We each got to take the 2 of the combs out of the hive and brush off the bees. That was wild, they were buzzing and flying everywhere but the suit somehow kept me relaxed and we made it out with no stings. We each bought a jar of honey from Bill before we left. He also let us try his honey suckle honey. It's a lighter color and has a hint of sweetness, but not too much. It was such a fun morning! Thanks Bill and Sara!