11/10 Sweet Martha's Cookie Jar

Wow!! We were so lucky to have gotten these! Right after we got on the bus to go back to our cars there was a tornado warning. These hot and fresh cookies were everything I was hoping for. We got them last because I didn't want to have to carry the container around. I also brought some home for the fam to try. There was a huge line, but so many people serving cookies it went by pretty fast.

I drove up to MN leaving at 8am getting me there around 1pm. I drove through a terrible rain storm and it was awful but luckily I had my mama on the phone to keep my calm. Then I arrived and saw Megan Fallert a carthage vb teammate of mine! Her and her fiance were sweet enough to let me crash with them. Megan took me all around the state fair and I was exhausted. We ate a bunch of food, saw tons of animals, and accomplished 1 more thing off my 30 b4 30 list! Then we got to go watch Keenan play town ball and that was pretty cool to see that there's a competitive league for adults. We had caribu coffee and raising caines chicken. 2 1sts for me. Both excellent! Then we ran out of day light for engagement photos so we did them as a sunrise session. Those 2 were troopers for getting up and getting out so early but the photos turned out beautiful!!! Super fun trip and I think the furthest I've ever traveled alone in the car.

10/10 Service with a Smile

The cookie shop is full of employees! We had this very happy employee fill out bucket with so many cookies!!

Megs the best tour guide!

Thank you thank you Megan! You filled our day with so much fun and so much food! It will be a state fair and experience I talk about forever!

The Birthing Barn

They have all the farm animals you can imagine. They also have a "birthing barn" where you can see animals that are just a few weeks, days, or hours years old!!

Milk Stand

All you can drink milk and chocolate milk for $2! After I drank a cup I was so full and could barely eat anymore food lol