My list of 30 things to do before I turn 30


I made a list of 30 things I want to do before I turn 30. It was on our way home from our family trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (2021) that I decided I wanted to make this list. So, to google I went searching for what others had on their lists. I was pleased to see that I could check off a good amount of items on lists that other people had created. Life is too short, and I found that if I don't make a list and prioritize, I won't get any of them done. I think that's why I like the pressure of an age/time limit so that I push myself to plan it, and go do it. I of course also have a pages long bucket list with other things I would like to do, but when selecting my 30 I chose things that could be done within budget and time frame. I am 28 and have just under 2 years to complete all 30 things. I have already completed 5 since I created my list and will be adding a new entry each time I check one off the list. I don't have the greatest memory so I am creating this blog for me to keep track of my stories and memories from each experience. If you'd like to follow along and see what I am up to, awesome. OR if you'd like to join me on any of these activities LET. ME. KNOW :) As you can see number 30 is still TBD. If anyone has a suggestion please reach out, I would love to hear it!

xoxo 28 year old Karen


Well I added number 30 and accomplished it! I have 16 things done and under a year to complete the 14 others.

xoxo 29 year old Karen


Well I didn't want the fun to be over... I didn't complete all 30 before I turned 30. I still had 9 left. I am adding another and will make the list 31 things before I turn 31. Doesn't have the same ring to it, but just because I'm 30 doesn't mean I can't still do fun things!!

xoxo 30 year old Karen


  1. Hansen's ice cream flight ✅
  2. Meet AC friends ✅
  3. Skydive
  4. Oven Grinder pizza puff ✅
  5. ATV ✅
  6. Snowmobile ✅
  7. Apiary - harvest honey ✅
  8. Sweet Martha's cookies MN state fair ✅
  9. Parasailing ✅
  10. Find shark teeth ✅
  11. First Dairy Dream customer ✅
  12. Donate blood/blood type ✅
  13. Segway tour ✅
  14. Concert @ Red Rocks ✅
  15. Snowboard in CO ✅
  16. Sake bomb ✅
  17. Scuba Dive
  18. Ice waterfall climb ✅
  19. Cut my own Christmas tree ✅
  20. Sushi Conveyer belt ✅
  21. Ice fishing ✅
  22. Go Golfing
  23. Fly first class
  24. Hot air balloon ride
  25. Get a facial ✅
  26. Swim with Dolphins
  27. Nicole Deb trip
  28. Build something from scratch ✅
  29. Cross country ski ✅
  30. See the Grand Canyon ✅
  31. ???