Meeting My Online Besties

I had just gotten a Nintendo switch for my 26th birthday February 2020. My favorite game since I was a child Animal Crossing New Horizons was coming out March 2020. My grandma had preordered it and I patiently waited at the door each day for the delivery man to drop off my game. When I finally had received it, I loved it. Played it everyday. I was working from home and rewarded myself with my game after 5pm on my short commute from the table to the couch. This game is the bomb. Everything I had imagined and more. I played a lot with my friend from Girl Scouts, Alex. We played all the time. Then we found reddit and that there was a whole community out there of people gaming just like we were. It's kind of a long story of how we met, but the point is I made 2 of my best friends during one of the worst times. I didn't mind that things were shutting down or I had no plans because then it meant I could get online and play with my new friends Krystal in Texas and Drew in Alabama.

The 3 of us text and are always checking in on each other. It's so much fun and I look forward to seeing their texts each day! We finally one day decided to make a plan. We were going to Alabama! I booked my flight. Krystal booked a hotel. And Drew had his mom come clean hahaha. We got some good food, explored Auburns campus with our tour guide Drew bringing us onto the baseball field, and taking us around the football stadium (courtesy of my asking a campus employee to get us in). Krystal has told us a few different stories of how her husband always says "The worst they can do is say no." Anytime I hear her say that I chime in "I say the same thing!". It's a great life motto. The nice campus employee walked us over there, opened a gate, and said "just don't go on the field". We obeyed orders and took some selfies with the field in the background.

Some of the other activities we did were play marshmallow baseball, have a picnic, visit the petting zoo (Auburns veterinary campus), and most importantly just hung out with the easiest conversation flow like we had all been friends for years!! Oh we also played a bit of animal crossing... but not as much as I was expecting!!

Day at Auburn

We got to go onto the baseball field and into the football stadium!

Marshmallow Baseball

These 3 love baseball and we scratched a page from my "The Adventure Challenge - Friends Edition" and it was play baseball with marshmallows. How perfect!

Chewacla State Park

Our adventure out into nature, one of the few sights to see in Auburn that is natural.

The gang

All of us together! (not pictured Todd)